Sunday, June 28, 2009

Volume 2 - With Pale Eyes Aghast

The second Absence of Sleep mixtape has been created; "With Pale Eyes Aghast" is a dissonant and angry mix of metal and hardcore, featuring a handful of newer, independent bands as well as some classic tracks. Enjoy and don't forget to start submitting your own mixes!

"With Pale Eyes Aghast"
1) Engineer – Nomad (from “Reproach”)
2) Breather Resist – Cruciform Casket (from “Only in the Morning”)
3) Crowpath – Like Flies to Flames (from “Red on Chrome”)
4) KENmode – The Hammer Party (from “Reprisal”)
5) Narrows – Chambered (from “New Distances”)
6) The Blood Brothers – Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon (from “Burn, Piano Island, Burn)
7) Circle Takes The Square – In the Nervous Light of Sunday (from “As The Roots Undo”)
8) Buried Inside – Time As Commodity (from “Chronoclast”)
9) Assimilator – Third Degree (from “Virus”)
10) The Abominable Iron Sloth – I am the Carcass (from “S/T”)
11) Harkonen – Catching Cold (from “Harkonen”)
12) Perth Express – Kreuzfahrt Ins Gluck (from “Harrow and Wealdstone”)
13) Cursed – Night Terrors (from “III”)
14) Time To Burn – Nayeli (from “Island”)
15) The Secret – Intoxication (from “Disintoxication”)
16) Kiss It Goodbye – Helvetica (from “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not”)

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