Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beginning - Volume 1: Dimensional Acceleration


As the first post, I wish to state that this blog is my attempt to create something similar to the tape trading scenese of the 80's and 90's but with a modern revamp, a way to explore and discover new music and contribute to something that will hopefully grow.

And with that I present my first "mixtape", Dimensional Acceleration, a hazy mix of psyched out rock and prog. Enjoy.

"Dimensional Acceleration"
1) Black Bonzo - Thorns Upon A Crown
2) The Assemblehead in Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan
3) Graveyard - Evil Ways
4) The Cancer Conspiracy - ii
5) Dead Meadow - Let It All Pass
6) Colour Haze - Pulse
7) Comets on Fire - Dogwood Rust
8) Flavor Crystals - Squidink
9) Crime in Choir - Trumpery Metier
10) Mammatus - The Righteous Path Through The Forest of Old
11) Crystal Antlers - Tentacles
12) Eloy - Floating
13) Gospel - A Golden Dawn


  1. Nice idea man. I'll give it a listen soon.

  2. good luck with this, I tried something similar and nobody send shit so I just gave up...

  3. Grabbing the comp now. Clever idea dude. I'm looking forward to more mixtapes...

  4. I'm almost halfway through this stuff now, and in addition to what I said up there, I must say it's really clever for you to combine all the featured songs into one long mp3 file--that way, I will have to listen to everything! And man, that is to no regret at all 'cause I'm loving what I'm hearing so far. Kudos bro!

    Btw, are these songs sent to you by the bands themselves?

  5. Can you please put up an RSS feed for this so I'll get updated whenever you post new stuff? :)

    Just a request...

  6. Thanks for the comments. I'm planning on upping a new mix tonight and promoting the site some more. I encourage everyone to send in their own mixes too!

    Jaydee: Thanks. The idea wasn't to make the person listen all the way through but to emulate an actual cassette style mixtape. And no, these were just songs from my personal collection, not sent in by the bands.

    I'll add the RSS feed tonight as well. Cheers.

  7. Thanks for putting up the feed. Subscribing to it now!

    By the way, even if you didn't intend it for me to listen to it all the way through, I liked how I did have to listen all the way through--it adds a certain sense of excitement to the music trip :) I guess mixtapes were great that way!

  8. hey dude..i was thinking to download this mixtape since it has colour haze in it..but i wonder where can i get the download link for this tape?