Monday, January 11, 2010

Considered to be Information

It's been a long while since I've posted anything and I apologize, it's been a hectic few months.

The latest installment in mixtapes in "Considered to be Information" a not so healthy does of noise rock and it's kin. Enjoy.

"MIXTAPE" Version - download

"Considered to be Information"
Absence of Sleep - Volume 5

01) Kittens - Pinata (from "Tiger Comet")
02) Young Widows - Lucky and Hardheaded (from "Old Wounds")
03) Anion - Piss Warm Goats Milk (from "Carrion King 7"")
04) Made Out Of Babies - Swarm (from "Trophy")
05) Transistor Transistor - The Price of Gasoline (from "Ruined Lives")
06) Anodyne - Plastic Will (from "Lifetime of Grey Skies")
07) Hide Your Daughters - C'est Toi, Pas Moi (from "The Teen Girl's Guide to Social Success")
08) Breach - Murder (from "Venom")
09) Unsane - Last Man Standing (from "Blood Run")
10) Fight Amp - Elbows Off (from "Manners and Praise")
11) Coalesce - New Voids in One's Resolve (from "OX")
12) Harkonen - Baristas Get Stalked (from "Shake Harder Boy")
13) Cursed - Reparations (from "Two")
14) Playing Enemy - The Closer to Ceasar (from "Cesarean")
15) KENmode - Frye (from "Mennonite")
16) 5ive - Kettle Cove (from "Hesperus")
17) The Jesus Lizard - Slave Ship (from "Liar")