Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Guest Mixtape - Tim @ Angrychairs

We've got our first guest mixtape here at The Absence of Sleep, sent by Tim who runs the ever fantastic Angrychairs blog. This fantastic mix is a healthy serving of doom for you all to enjoy. Thanks again to Tim at Angrychairs and make sure to keep the mixes coming!

"Angrychairs Doom Mix"
1) Hour of 13 - Call of Satan (from "Hour of 13")
2) The Lamp of Thoth - I Love The Lamp (from "Potents, Omens, and Dooms")
3) Trouble - Assasin (from "Psalm 9")
4) Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis (from "Dopethrone")
5) Candlemass - Hammer of Doom (from "Death Magic Doom")
6) Behold! The Monolith - Guardians of the Abyss (from "Behold! The Monolith LP")
7) Lord Vicar - The Spartan (from "Fear No Pain")
8) Sleep - Holy Mountain (from "Sleep's Holy Mountain")
9) The Wizar'd - Plague Ship of Doom (from "Infernal Wizardry")
10) Black Pyramid - The Worm Ouroboros (from "S/T")
11) Krux - The Big Empty (from "Krux II")
12) The Puritan - The Blue and Purple Lesson in Love (from "Lithium Gates")
13) Elder - Ghost Head (from "S/T")

(You can also download the mix as two parts from the links below)

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