Saturday, December 24, 2016

The yearly tradition of making mixtapes of things I enjoyed throughout the year continues!

First up, we have "Satan's Blade" which brings the heaviness. There were quite a few great death metal albums this year and there's also some grind, sludge and doom thrown in there as well. Crushing.

 "Satan's Blade"

Absence of Sleep - 2016 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "There Are No Saviours" by Ulcerate
2) "Machefer" by Fange
3) "Patterns of Repetition" by Piss Vortex
4) "Will to Reach" by Sumac
5) "Crematorium" by Hierophant
6) "The Synarchy of Molten Bones" by Deathspell Omega
7) "Chaosplasm" by Blood Incantation
8) "Not a Daughter" by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
9) "Redemptive Immolation" by Dead Congregation
10) "Swine" by Black Tomb
11) "Allt Hopp Ar Forbi" by Vanhelgd
12) "Winterbane" by Abbath


Next up, we have a mixtape of electronic based music ranging from a solid amount of synthwave with some ambient tracks, pieces from soundtracks and a few other random things thrown in for good measure.
A bunch of these were off of my top albums of the year and this is definitely my favorite mix.

 "Android Dreams"

Absence of Sleep - 2016 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Titles" by Steve Moore
2) "The End Where We Start" by The Black Queen
3) "Weapons for Children" by Perturbator
4) "Distant Dream" by John Carpenter
5) "Hunger Pains" by SPC ECO
6) "Cutthroat" by SURVIVE
7) "Maleficarum" by GosT
8) "In The Line of Fire" by Confrontational
9) "Sensorium" by Contact
10) "Blueprint for a Slow Machine" by 65daysofstatic
11) "The Tristar" by Dynatron
12) "Confrontation" by Dynastes
13) "Round One" by Meteor
14) "Stranger Things" by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein
15) "Father’s Feud" by Ulver
16) "At The Bank" by Violent Magic Orchestra


And last but certainly not least is a mix that brings the riffs. Definitely the most eclectic mix of the bunch, it combines noise rock, post punk, hardcore and a few other bits and pieces for a solid mix.

 "Battle Charger"

Absence of Sleep - 2016 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Staring Contest" by Dazzling Killmen
2) "Wake Up" by Soft Kill
3) "Afrika" by Russian Circles
4) "Stasis" by Wrong
5) "Eraser" by Metz
6) "Surrogate" by The Dillinger Escape Plan
7) "Lingering Void" by Oxeneer
8) "Burlap" by Building
9) "Baby Teeth" by Whores
10) "Wreckage" by Alaric
11) "Untoxicated" by Helms Alee
12) "Head Wound City, USA" by Head Wound City
13) "Kingshit Cop" by Inhaler
14) "Strange Weather" by Spectres
15) "Bury Me Standing" by Holy Serpent

*Dazzling Killmen's "Face of Collapse" originally came out in 1994 but was re-issued this year and is such a great record I figured it was fair game to include. 

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