Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best of 2015 Mixtapes

It's been a while since I've posted anything here but I figured rather than posting a list of my top albums of 2015 on social media, I'd make several mixtapes, each of a different theme/genres, and put them up here instead. So here you are, highlights from my favorite releases of 2015.....

First off, we have "The Last Caress" which is the longest and heaviest of the bunch. Grind, sludge, hardcore, doom, death - as long as it's heavy, it fits into this mixtape.

 "The Last Caress"

Absence of Sleep - 2015 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Died A Million Times" by Monolord - from 'Vaenir'
2) "Breed Regret" by Yautja - from 'Songs of Lament'
3) "Constant Themes of Concrete" by Great Falls - from 'The Fever Shed'
4) "The Sorrower" by Cult Leader - from 'Lightless Walk'
5) "Decay in Hades" by Grime - from 'Circle of Molesters'
6) "The Sun In Our Eyes" by THROES - from 'To Dust'
7) "Vagabong" by Dopethrone - from 'Hochelaga'
8) "Lunar Mass" by Mammoth Grinder - from 'Cosmic Crypt'
9) "Thorn in the Lion's Paw" by SUMAC - from 'The Deal'
10) "The Deafening Call" by Of Feather and Bone - from 'Embrace The Wretched Flesh'
11) "The Sun Chaser" by Call of the Void - from 'Ageless'
12) "No Fate" by The Weir - from 'Calmness of Resolve'
13) "Crown" by Adolyne - from 'of Ash / of Shit / of Shame'
14) "Chaos Theory" by Hate Eternal - from 'Infernus'
15) "The Symbology of Ruin" by Phemut - from 'The Memory of Spring'
16) "Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos" by Sulphur Aeon - from 'Gateway to the Antiphere'


Next up, we have something a little more mellow - "These Empty Hallways" is a mix of post punk, space rock, new wave and generally just songs that are dark and moody. 

 "These Empty Hallways"

Absence of Sleep - 2015 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Carrion Flowers" by Chelsea Wolfe - from 'Abyss'
2) "Hot Traveler" by Failure - from 'The Heart Is A Monster'
3) "Selfish Love" by Soft Kill - from 'Heresy'
4) "New Hip Moon" by Grave Pleasures - from 'Dreamcrash'
5) "Return of the Empire" by Horror Vacui - from 'The Return of the Empire'
6) "Just Give Up" by NYVES - from 'Anxiety'
7) "Rehumanizer I" by Maserati - from 'Rehumanizer'
8) "Cowards" by Publicist UK - from 'Forgive Yourself'
9) "Can't Walk Out" by Graveyard - from 'Innocence and Decadence'


Riffs. This one is all about the riffs. "Tides of Titan" contains highlights from my favorite noise rock, riff rock and stoner releases.

 "Tides of Titan"

Absence of Sleep - 2015 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Bridgeburner" by Mutoid Man - from 'Bleeder'
2) "Spit You Out" by METZ - from 'II'
3) "The Life In Pink" by Pigs - from 'Wronger'
4) "Anxious Bedwetter" by American Heritage - from 'Prolapse'
5) "Van Sant" by WAINGRO - from 'Mt Hood'
6) "Legend" by Elder - from 'Lore'
7) "We See Fire" by Sofy Major - from 'Waste'
8) "Giver" by Godstopper - from 'Lie Down'
9) "In Toilet" by Meatwound - from 'Addio'
10) "Whiskey Liver" by DRUNK DAD - from 'Ripper Killer'


The final installment in the 2015 series of mixtapes is "Electroschock Therapy" which showcases my love for all things 80's inspired and synth-driven.

 "Electroshock Therapy"

Absence of Sleep - 2015 Mixtapes
"Mixtape" Version - Download

1) "Returning Light" by Dynastes - from 'The Prime Radiant'
2) "Meat Grinder City" by Irving Force - from 'Undercover'
3) "The Victim Machine" by Maniac Lover - from 'The Victim Machine'
4) "The Truck" by Steve Moore - from 'Cub (Soundtrack)'
5) "Shadow Hand" by Zombi - from 'Shape Shift'
6) "Shadowdancing" by Confrontational - from 'A Dance of Shadows'
7) "The Crucible" by Dynastes - from 'Soft Night'
8) "Division Ruine" by Carpenter Brut - from 'EP III'
9) "Cherenkov Blud Overdriver" by Dan Terminus - from 'The Wrath of Code'
10) "Unimara" by Majeure - from 'Union of Worlds'
11) "Nolan" by Ben Frost - from 'A U R O R A'

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